How To Level Fast In ESO By Questing (No Grinding)


Below I will discuss the different methods for leveling and point out there pros and cons.

Standard Questing (Slow) – The simplest way to level while learning the game is questing. I stumbled around aimlessly picking up random quest and running around completing them. This way it can take up to 300 hours to reach VR 14. I recommend enjoying the game and questing because it’s the most fun and won’t feel like a boring grind. But just know, its dreadfully slow and if you’re serious about reaching end-game, you’ll abandon this form of leveling quickly.

Grinding (Fast) – If you seriously wanted to reach end-game and had no interest in doing any quest, grinding is for you. All you’ll need to do is head to a Public Dungeon for your current zone, group up with ONE other person and start killing.  Make sure you’re at the appropriate level per dungeon, e.g. don’t be a level 46 character in a level 30 Group Dungeon. You’ll only want one person with you as this nets the highest rewards. In fact, if you marry that person in-game you’ll earn 10% more XP. Like I said, this is incredibly boring and not how I play, but it’s by far faster than doing random quests.

Optimized Questing Path (Fastest) – Using a leveling guide with an optimized questing path is even faster than grinding plus its not boring. The idea behind these leveling guides is that they found the high XP yield quests and put together a step by step guide that will have you only do the high yield quests in an efficient way, this can reduce leveling time by 2-3 times.

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