How to Get the Most Out of Your Gaming Mouse

What to Look for in a Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a gamers best friend, practically a pet or a personal companion. You will be spending a lot of time with your mouse, so you best be sure to put the proper amount time and thought into your purchase. Gaming mice can come in a variety of different styles, with different features. They also come in a variety of price points. The kind of mouse you will want can change greatly depending on your needs and what type of games you are going to want to be playing with it.

Generally, you want a mouse that’s comfortably designed, is totally mappable with easy-to-use customizing software, has the amount of buttons you will need to get the job done, and clicks just right to make you feel like you’re really pulling that trigger/swinging that hammer/etc. Be sure to research the mapping features of whatever mouse you are looking into and make sure you pay attention the type of grip it features. A good grip can make all the difference during grinding sessions where you’re playing for days on end.

Those who are just going to be playing shooters may be able to make do with a more basic gaming mouse, as there aren’t a whole lot of buttons you will need to be pressing. So long as the controls are freely mappable and the design is comfortable on your grip, you should be good to go. Those who wish to perform more complex functions on their mouse, such as players of MMORPGs, may need a higher-end mouse with almost as many buttons as a keyboard. Regardless of your needs, there is a gaming mouse for you, and here’s how to get the best use out of yours.

Getting the Most Out of Your Mouse

Break it in

Like with any piece of equipment or accessory, it is important that you break your gaming mouse in. This is both so that your hand forms to the mouse and that the mouse forms to your hand. Designate a couple of play sessions just to adjust to the feel of the mouse and for the mouse to get situated into your gaming environment. Mice that have never been used will need to settle and decompress for a little while before they feel just right, so be forgiving of your mouse if it isn’t a perfect fit just yet. Given time, any mouse will start to form a relationship with you, just look at Ash and Pikachu.

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Map the controls to your liking

Controls are mappable for a reason, and that is because different players have different expectations and needs as far what button does what. If you are using the default controls on your favorite game, you’re doing it wrong. There is always a slight adjustment that can be made to the basic controls of any game that will give the player more comfort and ease in performing the actions of the game. Playing around with mapping is vital for the player to become one with their gaming mouse.

Use the customizable weights

Many gaming mice come with weights that can be added and detracted from the mouse, which, of course, gives the mouse a different weight in your hand. This can drastically alter how the mouse plays for you in your favorite game. Experimenting with the weight of your mouse can give you a huge advantage and make you bond with your mouse faster and more than you ever would’ve thought possible. Gaming mice are all about personalization and customization. You will need to take full advantage of these features in order to get the most out of your mouse.

Don’t be too hard on it

At the end of the day, your gaming mouse is your partner in crime, for better or worse, and you can’t be too hard on it. As we’ve said, they all need some time to break in, and you will have to earn their respect just as much as they will need to earn yours. Break it in, map the controls to your liking, and make the proper adjustments necessary to make your gaming mouse feel like an actual extension of your very being. Only then will you become the master of your mouse.

Ultimate Guide To Crypto Alert Apps

Crypto is here to stay.

Though you may sometimes hear otherwise and much misinformation circulating in traditional media, it’s good to consider that Crypto has actually been around for over 10 years when Bitcoin had its very first transaction back in 2008.

Nobody could have imagined the importance and scale the so-called “coin” would have, its valuation and, in fact, even nowadays it’s very easy to find that most people know very little about what Crypto actually is.

For those that already transaction cryptocurrencies on a common basis, you are aware of the diversity of currencies and technologies that each represent out there. Though some are created to soon disappear, many of the top crypto and other altcoins see constant flows of valuation and devaluation that are hard to keep up with.

Fortunately, for every problem someone comes up with a great solution.

By having a crypto alert app on any of your mobile devices, you can easily setup any alerts regarding prices on any of the crypto you currently follow.

Any time the price varies according to the configuration you set, you will be instantly notified so that you can, if you wish, take action.

Let’s assume for instance you’ve invested any amount of money on a single type of crypto and, as many, you wish to see your investment grow.

By having a smart crypto alert app, you’re always notified of price changes. If the price rises above a price that you set, it may be a good opportunity to sell. By configuring another alert that notifies you when the price drops below a certain point, you may be able to buy and therefore, without too much effort, see your investment grow on the long run.

Unfortunately, crypto markets aren’t as straightforward as many may assume. They face high variations in price and are considered some of the most volatile investments one can make, which, again, justifies having more control and oversight of what is the state of your investment at any given point.

Without a crypto alert app, your investment may be at risk and you may miss a great opportunity to buy or sell, costing you actual money or valuation/devaluation potential of your portfolio.

Users that successfully trade within the crypto market have to be constantly updated about price changes. Only then they can create the opportunity for themselves to thrive.

Considering most of us have our phone on us at all times as well as other mobile devices such as tablets, it’s easier than ever to keep up to date with all the information we require whenever we want. By having such an assistant that will let us know exactly when the price fluctuates within the range we have set up, it’s therefore more than an extra but mostly a vital piece of technology to have.

With crypto currencies taking a bigger stand and an ever growing importance and influence as more businesses and stores accept them as a proper means of payment, it’s ever so important to keep track of the value of your portfolio.

It’s expected that the future will see a bigger adoption of crypto not only for payments but also for other uses in technology, thus giving it further value when directly compared to conventional currency.

In the same way that very little paid attention to Bitcoin when it first started and it was extremely easy and cheap to get them, if consideration is made that the next years will bring further valuation on what is already considered a high price, a crypto alert app will be your best ally in keeping you constantly informed to make the best decision.

Don’t expect any slowdown in the crypto market anytime soon, as more crypto currencies are born with specific applications. With some of them having seen their initial value multiplied by the thousands, you’d be wise to pick from the bunch those that you believe in the most and have your crypto alert app do the rest of the work for you. Once your chosen crypto price goes to the Moon, you’ll want to be immediately warned.

As mentioned before, if you’re new in the market do expect big fluctuations of price in most crypto assets as this specific market sees a huge flow of investment going in any direction, at any point.

Determining How Much To Spend for Your CPI Campaigns

The mobile app sector is one of the unique industries out there. The industry draws much of its uniqueness from its rather ingenious business and marketing models. As an app developer, you can either choose to make one-off payments for all your mobile app promotion campaigns or opt for costs-per-metric payment models.

Cost per Install, commonly abbreviated as CPI, is one of the many mobile app marketing models you can choose. Simply put, Cost per Install means that an app advertiser pays when a user installs their app. It may appear easy on the surface, but it’s an intricate process that requires professional hands. 

Is It Possible To Market Your Mobile Apps By Yourself?

There are numerous drawbacks to spearheading your CPI marketing campaigns by yourself.

First off, being an app developer doesn’t necessarily imply that you understand the intricate concept of digital marketing. It takes ingenuity to design an app, that’s a given. However, getting users to install the app is no mean feat. You’d need to understand how mobile app promotions work in the online marketplace. That requires some rudimentary knowledge of basic digital marketing techniques, such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. In addition, you’ll have to study some of the popular online mobile app shopping trends and appreciate the fact that poorly-developed commercials can only mean one thing; bounce rates. 

After investing heavily in developing an app, your wish is that the product generates many installs and possibly realize the return on investment within the shortest time possible. Sadly, marketing the app yourself would invariably require further financial and time investment in learning how to leverage digital marketing methods. You might be tempted to believe that it’s cheaper to conduct your own marketing campaigns than entrusting the same to a CPI advertising network. However, it may all be a false economy in the long run.

Another drawback to marketing your mobile app by yourself is that you may never understand where to get the audience. Remember that most mobile app consumers are millennials. This demographic is known to be one of the fussiest shoppers. Drawing their interest to your ad is hard enough. And getting them to finally install the app is even harder. Thankfully, professional CPI marketing companies know exactly which demographics to target. By entrusting your mobile app advertisements to such companies, you can comfortably sit back and watch the results trickle in.

Each CPI marketing company will provide you with a quote. But how do you determine the amount to invest in such campaigns?

Factors Influencing How Much CPI Campaigns Cost

Even before deciding on the amount to spend for your CPI campaigns, you should understand the formula for computing CPI. That basically works out as the expenditure on ads divided by the total number of installs. 

The following are some key average CPI statistics that will help paint a picture on what CPI ads cost.

  1. iOS app CPI global rates -$ 0.86
  2. iOS app CPI rates in the US – $2.07
  3. Android app CPI global rates (Google Play market) – $0.44
  4. Android app CPI rates in the US (Google Play market) – $1.72
  5. CPI on Facebook Ads – $1.8
  6. CPI on Instagram Ads – $2.23
  7. CPI on Twitter Ads – $2.53
  8. CPI on Search Ads – $1.00

Now, there’s no hard and fast rule when choosing how much to spend on your CPI campaigns. In most cases, it depends on the platform that the app is programmed for, whether it’s iOS or Android. The amount may also be determined by the type of ad that’s put out there, be it banners, native, interstitials, etc.

Another factor that influences how much you pay for a CPI campaign is the duration you wish to have the campaign run. Most mobile apps are products designed to serve permanent and recurring needs. That means they’ll always be available in the market and ready for install. However, certain apps are developed to serve seasonal needs. As such, most users install them only on a need basis. Depending on the nature of your product, you can choose how long you want the CPI marketing campaign to run.

CPI rates also vary by region. Countries that boast techy internet users and digitally-conscious consumers, such as the US, the UK, China, and Australia, tend to have higher CPI rates.

Above all, the kind of advertising network you choose will also determine how much you pay for your CPI campaigns. Established networks will charge you higher though they generally deliver.

The best thing is that as the app owner, you only pay when a user installs your product. Depending on your payment terms, the deductions may be made automatically by the advertising network.


When choosing an advertising network for your CPI marketing campaigns, you’ll naturally go for a reliable and competent company. Like we’ve mentioned, most of these networks charge on the higher side. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a company that delivers on their CPI claims while still charging affordable rates.

MobieRanker CPI Marketing Company employs cutting-edge techniques to ensure your app is seen by millions of internet users. Most importantly, the company studies your app and targets it to specific demographics. That way, your product not only gets maximum visibility, but it also attracts potentially converting clients.

The Best Summoners War Guide (SWMasters)

Summoners War is an incredibly popular, turn-based, strategy RPG. South Korean game development company Com2uS created the game in 2014. So far, over 90 million people have downloaded it.
There’s a lot to do in the game, and with so many things to do you don’t want to get started down the wrong path. Here’s your basic Summoners War guide to get you started in the right direction.
Starting The Game
The game involves you starting out as a new summoner. Your goal? Get monsters, upgrade them, and use them to win battles.
The basics are easy to grasp, but it takes thousands of hours to master the game. You can still enjoy the game if you’re not a hardcore gamer. But if you are, there are a lot of subtle features to figure out before you get can get really good, and this can keep you going for years. You’ll begin your journey as a summoner with some low-level monsters.
The monsters you summon can range from a 1-star to 5-star rating, with higher being better. You upgrade your monsters as you use them in battles. And though 5-stars is the highest you can summon, you can upgrade your monsters to a max level of 6-stars.
Monsters come in different element types: wind, fire, light, water, and dark; and different class types: attack, defense, support and health.
Each monster has its own strengths, weaknesses, powers, and abilities. Like a game of rock paper scissors, any monster can be good against some but weak against other monsters. Water beats fire, wind beats water and fire beats wind. Light beats dark, and dark beats light, too (meaning they each have an advantage over the other).
Runes are important for upgrading your monsters’ stats. You’ll get them by spending a lot of time in a place called Cairos Dungeon, in the Giant’s Keep. Fighting giants is a great way to build up your rune collection, which should be a major focus for any new player. Farm runes well, and you’ll go far in the game.
Each monster can hold up to 6 runes, with bonuses added to any monster holding a complete set. Your runes also have star-grades, from 1-star to 6-stars, and you can upgrade these, too. This should be a major focus of your game early on.
Getting Better
With Summoners War, as with most RPG’s, the more you play the game the better you’ll become.
Don’t try to focus on everything at once though—it’s a classic rookie error. Pick something to focus on at the start, then improve it until you master it. Once you’ve mastered it, move on.
For example, you only need to have 3-5 monsters you’re working on upgrading at any given time. You don’t need 30-50. Narrow your focus and get good before you broaden your scope. Otherwise you won’t make progress for months on end.
Sure, if you find 4-star monsters that you haven’t got any other copies of, you can keep them in storage. But you shouldn’t be building up every monster you find.
Get Going
Now that we’ve made the path forward clear to you, you can get going. If you stick to these guidelines, you won’t waste time in the game doing things unnecessarily. You’ll get better more quickly and have lots of fun along the way!

How To Level Fast In ESO By Questing (No Grinding)


Below I will discuss the different methods for leveling and point out there pros and cons.

Standard Questing (Slow) – The simplest way to level while learning the game is questing. I stumbled around aimlessly picking up random quest and running around completing them. This way it can take up to 300 hours to reach VR 14. I recommend enjoying the game and questing because it’s the most fun and won’t feel like a boring grind. But just know, its dreadfully slow and if you’re serious about reaching end-game, you’ll abandon this form of leveling quickly.

Grinding (Fast) – If you seriously wanted to reach end-game and had no interest in doing any quest, grinding is for you. All you’ll need to do is head to a Public Dungeon for your current zone, group up with ONE other person and start killing.  Make sure you’re at the appropriate level per dungeon, e.g. don’t be a level 46 character in a level 30 Group Dungeon. You’ll only want one person with you as this nets the highest rewards. In fact, if you marry that person in-game you’ll earn 10% more XP. Like I said, this is incredibly boring and not how I play, but it’s by far faster than doing random quests.

Optimized Questing Path (Fastest) – Using a leveling guide with an optimized questing path is even faster than grinding plus its not boring. The idea behind these leveling guides is that they found the high XP yield quests and put together a step by step guide that will have you only do the high yield quests in an efficient way, this can reduce leveling time by 2-3 times.

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